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By March 13, 2018Blog

The memorable moments brought to us by the 90th Academy Awards ceremony will be felt for many weeks now that the awards have been given out and the parties are over. For the first time, we see the black community getting the recognition they deserve from the awards to inspiring commercials.

This year, Walmart made an impact by engaging viewers with a Dee Rees (director of Mudbound) directed sci-fi commercial in which a young woman is fighting a blob-like monster while an evil commander, played Mary J. Blige, gives orders. The two action stars, played by two little girls, are immersed in an imaginative game in a blue Walmart box while their mother, the monster, is telling them to go to bed.

Not only did this spot demand our attention and connect with us with it’s sweet demeanor, it also brought two lovely little black girls front and center in a sci-fi setting where they are rarely situated. This :60 spot is what we in the marketing community strive to create.

At GSG, our most important task is connecting with consumers in an authentic way in all of our cause marketing campaigns. The passion we have for making a difference in the world, inspiring community involvement and driving consumers to a brand that is doing good in the world moves us everyday. We’ve been lucky to lead campaigns that moved the audience and generated change. Check out some of our work here and reach out for our strategic guidance and campaign development.

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