The video production world has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Digital video has emerged as the fastest growing form of interactive content being distributed and consumed online. In order to best compete in the world of online interactivity where consumers can view short snippets of video content on several online ‘channels’ that may include anything from “how-to” videos, to spots produced for TV broadcast, brands need to take advantage of video engagement opportunities by creating their own content. Online consumer viewers are now placed intothe sales pipeline directly, and imbedded links can facilitate impulsive sales lifts, or click-throughs and provide a Brand with immediate measurements on results. The GSG team has developed strategic interactive video experiences for Nesquik, Odwalla, the Unites States Tennis Association, The North Face, and other corporate clients. The importance of video content will evolve and expand as consumer’s hunger for short-form video increases, and as corporate clients look to utilize the growing opportunities in the online video space.

GSG creates unique video content offerings at a time when the major video channels have seen a dramatic increase in consumer viewing and as video streaming speeds have increased. Our results with clients using GSG-produced video content are impressive and we are committed to making video content development an important practice area to reflect the insatiable consumer demand, and the help Brand’s get the most efficient messaging possible.

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Taylor Jensen