Visual Storytelling Tips for Digital Marketing Campaigns

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The ability to tell casino online your cause marketing story well largely depends on presentation. Copy is one thing, but visuals are increasingly important in a time where people can scroll past your news story without reading the full headline. Now, with options for videos, albums, carousel ads and live video tools, how do you leverage them all strategically in a way that encourages more engagement with your campaign?

Make People Your Focus
People are expecting for your cause to make an impact. Although photos of banners and event signs can help establish your brand’s presence at events and with increasing awareness of your campaign, people want to see how you are reaching humans. Highlight your team members, your customers, your partners, and their stories. (Make sure to get model release signs for any people featured in your images.)

Let’s see your brand in action! Sharing group photos of your team can’t hurt, but your audience may be more interested in peeking into those moments where your team is doing the work that your website says you’re doing. TOMS produced a video of them making good on their promises and hand delivering the shoes to children in need. The image of giving shoes to children was repeated several times in the short form video (1:01. 1:31: 1:46, 1:53, 2:22) showing their audience that their purchase really does impact people on the end.

Before and After
People want to know how much of an impact you’re making. You may already be presenting this information in your CSR reports but that doesn’t mean you can’t tell the story here, too. Each story has a beginning, a middle and and end. Where was the cause before your involvement and what have you changed? Numbers, testimonials, reviews- there are so many options to how you can choose to communicate your impact.

Become a Cell Phone Photography Pro
Knowledge of composition rules, good lighting, lenses and other mobile camera tricks can help you get the best quality out of images captured with your cell phone. Although you should have a photographer on site with professional equipment covering the event, you should be ready to cover unexpected moments with a camera of your own. Study your phone, special features and apps that can prepare you to capture stunning images in those moments where you’re in the right place at the right time, with only your phone.

Appropriate Image Sizes
Don’t crop your photos into awkward shapes if you need to remove a flaw- take another photo instead. For any campaign images you create for the company’s social media pages, go the extra mile and have them made with custom sizes for each platform. Cover photos that become fuzzy and profile photos that crop out the edges are no good. Work with a designer who can customize branding materials so they looks polished and not temporary. Sprout Social has an image file size chart for major social media platforms that is always up to date.

Source Visuals from your Audience & Geo-Searches
Encourage audiences to share their photos for angles and moments you wouldn’t have been able to gather yourself. By creating a campaign hashtag and making it highly visible at your event, it’ll make it much easier to find photos of your event that people forgot to tag you in. Ask for permission in writing to share their photos.
You can also find photos based on events by setting up a Hootsuite location listening stream to see what people post at your event. You’ll be able to sort by location to see who is posting what where, and when.

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