"They're going to go after those who are not complying

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Replica Hermes “I am pleased that this final action will give us the opportunity to begin implementing a medical marijuana ordinance in the city of Los Angeles that we believe is both prudent and fair,” Councilman Ed Reyes told City News Service.Dramatic LA News PhotosDuring the publication period, operators of pot shops that opened in spite of a council imposed moratorium in 2007 will be sent cease and desist letters. Their operators will be directed to shut down before the ordinance takes effect.”The Los Angeles Police Department and our city attorney is focused on this,” Huizar said. “They’re going to go after those who are not complying.”By some estimates, as many as 1,000 marijuana outlets are operating in and around Los Angeles.Under the ordinance, if any of the 187 dispensaries now operating with the city’s blessing goes out of business, a new one will not be allowed to replace it until the overall number is reduced to 70.The ordinance requires that dispensaries be at least 1 Hermes Replica Australia,000 feet away from schools, public parks Hermes Replica Australia, public libraries, religious institutions and other so called “sensitive use” sites.It also bars dispensaries from being “on a lot abutting, across the street or alley from, or having a common corner with a residentially zoned lot or a lot improved with residential use.”Medical marijuana advocates Hermes Outlet, who have complained that dispensaries would be effectively zoned out of existence, are expected to challenge the ordinance in court.Kris Hermes with Americans for Safe Access said lawyers for the group would seek a temporary restraining order to prevent the ordinance from taking effect.A coalition of pot shop operators led by Daniel Halbert of The Rainforest Collective in Mar Vista failed last month to gather enough voter signatures for a referendum on the ordinance Replica Hermes.