30 Days, 30 Ways to help the Earth

DASANI Waters (a Coca-Cola product) needed to demonstrate to consumers that they were making changes to become more environmentally friendly with the introduction of PlantBottle, a bottle made out of plant materials. GSG created an Earth Month campaign that created a “30 Days 30 Ways” calendar of good environmental deeds consumers could take for each day of Earth Month to decrease their environmental footprint. The campaign also had a strong retail component, offering donations to state park recycling programs with each purchase, and a free reusable bag.


  • Stop the year of year decline in sales of DASANI products
  • Introduce DASANI PlantBottle and demonstrate DASANI’s commitment tothe environment


  • Extremely strong engagement on the “30 Days 30 Ways” website with strong share rate
  • Incredible reversal of purchase decline at retail from -15% to +76% average, with a high of +239%