City Parks are close-to-home oases that provide a wealth of activities for communities, especially in urban areas.

We currently have official contractual marketing relationships with the Chicago Park District (CPD), the City of San Diego, and the Los Angeles Parks Foundation.

Chicago City Park Partnership:
The Chicago Park District has selected GSG to lead an initiative on its behalf to pursue sponsorship opportunities that incorporate the city’s recreational offerings and assets. Built on a rich history and a positive reputation in the diverse communities of Chicago, the Windy City’s parks are some of the best in the nation, and offer a broad range of recreational activities for Chicago citizens and other park visitors. From the 26-mile lakefront trail to 11 ice rinks, to world-class marinas, to 281 tennis courts, to hundreds of youth sports events, and almost everything imaginable in between, CPD has more visitor amenities than possibly any other city-park system in the world. Still, CPD believes that they can further enhance the richness of the park visitor experiences by working with like-minded corporate partners, and they are looking to attract quality businesses and brands to take advantage of the myriad marketing opportunities that their parks have available.

GSG plays a key role in helping to market all that the Chicago Park District system has to offer, particularly to brands interested in enhancing the experiences of families and children. Working together with the Chicago Park District, GSG is tasked with cultivating partnerships with local and national businesses and to make them aware of the many unique sponsorship, sampling, advertising, and marketing opportunities available that reach the active lifestyle community.

City of San Diego:

Los Angeles Parks Foundation: