Farmer John

Farmer John, along with its customers Ralphs and VONS, partnered in creating a cause-based marketing promotion that helped to protect Southern California State Beaches (and renovate bar-b-que grilling areas at public beaches)


  • Provide sales uplift during July 4th through Labor Day time period at grocery accounts – Ralphs and VONS in Southern California
  • Provide a cause-marketing based sales program for the sales team to gain additional sku’s and marketing opportunities in the stores
  • Create a PR and Social Media campaign to generate positive coverage about
    Farmer John’s commitment to the local community


  • Incremental increase in sku’s, featured displays, and special pricing resulting in sales lift at Ralphs and VONS
  • Kick-off at Doheny State Beach, which provided a dedicated event in a highly targeted environment for product sampling and brand engagement
  • Donor recognition panels were placed in California State Beaches for at least three years, recognizing the $60,000 contribution made by Farmer John to maintain the grills and equipment
  • Farmer John received over 40 million impressions, valued at over $3 million via in-store, event, in-park, online, State Park e-newsletter and non-paid media impressions